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07.08.2013 , 06:19 PM | #1
This is an easy flashpiont!/We outleveled it!

Damn. I'v been reading this words so often in group. And they are really bothers me (tank).
You see - i DON'T care if you a few level higher that mobs.
I DON'T care about your "madskillz" in dps.

You are IN TEAM. Learn how to play with others.
Its just annoys me, when overleveled dps are running ahead of tank, and demonstrates his "superiority".
Leave it. Leave it on planet or fleet.

You are in flashpoint. Mission, were TEAMWORK is PRIORITY.

Even if you overlevel content, that doesn't mean that you can do boss tanking or survive under large mob pack.
Its a job for tank.
Leave it for him.

Do not try to "hurry up" tank. He's doing his job, as intended. The price for mistake in a hurry, will be your pixel death and non-pleasant words in first from you.