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Lol, sry for not being clear Kitru. In my post I was referencing this part and not you. The 'you' in the post I made was MGNMTTRN
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Under Absorb Quantity/Skills am I reading that your overall time-weighted Absorb bonus from heat blast and the 3 pre-blast procs are assumed to be +17%? I'm curious to see what uptime PTs/Vanguards in live conditions are actually seeing.
For what it's worth, I don't think I forgot the +4 absorb; in my post I was only writing about the +25% energy blast and the max +3% from power screen stacks. If the +17% absorb in the spreadsheet is encompassing both energy blast effects and ceramic plating, that is probably too low. Assuming other Vanguards have a similar playstyle to me, the minimum contribution would be ~13.25 + 4 = 17.25. I call this the minimum because this is an adversarial position: I assumed that players were spending an unhealthy amount of time at +0 absorb, and in many of those fights I was not proccing energy blast as often as I could for some reason.

I think this discussion is revealing that Energy Blast will need a more complex model in the future.
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As Fire-Breath's video shows, and as can probably imagine, the cooldown of energy blast will depend enormously upon the conditions of the specific fights we'll find ourselves in. The situation where you find yourself beset by 3 or 4+ weak enemies is well-suited to a Vanguard, because your probability of reducing energy blast cooldown scales up slightly (though that upscaling has DR) with each additional enemy that attacks you; compare to Shadows, whose HTPS makes up a more significant portion of their mitigation and doesn't scale much with damage taken; these people effectively have an incentive to tank as few enemies as possible.

Suppose in the future an operation is released where a very weak add does 100 DPS against me and his attacks all have a 90% accuracy; since his attacks have a high chance of hitting me, they also have a high chance of being shielded. Now I'm taking an extra 100 DPS, but he could be shifting my energy blast uptime from 6/10.5 = 0.57 to 6/(10.5-1.5) = 0.66. Depending upon the damage that I'm receiving from the boss, actually keeping this weak add up might be a good investment for my survivability, both for minimizing spike damage and minimizing overall DTPS, because his flat 100 extra DTPS might allow me to take one or two more boss strikes that are not only shielded, but shielded with the +25% absorb bonus from energy blast.

Vanguards/PTs also can stagger their absorb bonuses to temporarily minimize spike damage. For example, if I see that my absorb relic has procced (+x absorb for 6 seconds, 20 sec cooldown) I might delay the cast of my energy blast by 2 or 3 seconds, until the effect of the absorb relic has faded, so I can maintain a steadier absorb%. Whether this can actually be a useful practice will depend upon the size of that +x that absorb proc relics will bestow in the future, and upon the amount of spike damage that future operations will have.

To account for the variety of factors that affect energy blast effective cooldown, I'd suggest applying the +4 absorb from ceramic plating, assuming that power screen gives an average of +2 absorb over time, and then let energy blast's uptime be specified as anything from 80% to 35%, default 6/11 = 0.54.

The current models of energy blast assume a fixed shield and/or an energy blast cooldown that is independent of shield, but energy blast's cooldown will decrease by a non-negligible amount as we gear up and as shield% increases. In the future, for those of you heavily involved in modelling DTPS - HPS, relics, and spike damage, this will be a relevant change you will need to enact.