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I admire Jorgan's restraint w/regards to Quinn.


BABY QUINN takes a swing at BABY JORGAN. BABY JORGAN tackles BABY QUINN and bites him with pointy Cathar teeth.
T7-01: Jorgan = stop perforating Quinn
BABY JORGAN, through a biteful of BABY QUINN's jacket: He'th rethithting arretht, thir.
T7-01: Jorgan = stop perforating Quinn
BABY JORGAN, scowling, lets BABY QUINN up.
BABY JORGAN: He's still under arrest, though.
T7-01: Arrest = probably invalid // Forced Companions = no meaningful consequences for bad behavior
KHEM VAL: Be grateful for this mercy.
T7-01: Children = come along // tour = not finished
BABY QUINN: Ah, good. I'm not out of flags.
BABY JORGAN leans over and punches BABY QUINN in the cowlick.
BABY JORGAN, smugly: I wasn't perforating.
BABY QUINN: I might just hit you with the next flagpole.
KHEM VAL: You might consider not announcing this in front of the chaperons, little Imperial.
BABY QUINN: Hmph. The chain of command here is biased.
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