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07.08.2013 , 03:21 PM | #501
Went on my Guardian tank today, haven't been tanking with it for a while. So q'd up with a guildie for HM FP.

Everything went fine in our Cademimu run. Was fast, no wipes. We get to the mobs who have an Overload Saber (Sentinel) buff on them, which also places 3 DoTs on their target. Which happened to me. So I just keep tanking them, expecting a cleanse or so at 2 stacks of the Dots.. Dps was taking out the weak ones first, which was good. Bam, I'm dead. Noticed that I had 6 stacks of those DoTs in total before I died. Healer didn't cleanse. So I told him to cleanse when I got revived, which I got told not to "rambo" and "maybe" I would get cleansed, and that cleanse has a cool down. This is the part where I scratch my head. I stood there for 10 seconds with those DoTs on me. At the last set of mobs, I noticed I wasn't even getting cleansed. I just popped my defensive CD's at a set of mobs.
So I told the guy that I'm not going "rambo", I am tanking at my own pace. With a response "it's pissing healers off". And the guy ragequit. Literally closed the game (disconnected).

I've never gotten a healer pissed off in any flashpoint with my pace of tanking. Really, never.

If you can't keep up with the tanks, make sure to ask if they can go a bit slower, NOT AT THE END, but during the beginning of the FP. This guy did not ask but TOLD me to, at the LAST SET of mobs in that FP. Which is ofcourse, too late, lol.