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Lol, sry for not being clear Kitru. In my post I was referencing this part and not you. The 'you' in the post I made was MGNMTTRN

Quote: Originally Posted by MGNMTTRN View Post
Under Absorb Quantity/Skills am I reading that your overall time-weighted Absorb bonus from heat blast and the 3 pre-blast procs are assumed to be +17%? I'm curious to see what uptime PTs/Vanguards in live conditions are actually seeing.
So ....... I think my post quoted below makes more sense now ;-)

About that shield/energyblast. Kitru is correct. The % of absorb should be around 17%.
However ..... you forgot about the 4% ablative armor skill. Total absorb rating gained by skills is 17%+4%= 21%

About the frequency of blasting:
I can tell you that in practise I blast about every 10 seconds (minimum is 9 seconds). But taking human error into account would be difficult. If thats the case then goodluck with shadow calcs. If you are out of your lazy mood you can always make a choice button about how fast the user normally clicks his/her blast.
Quote: Originally Posted by Redklaw View Post
The original guesstimation was 13% from the two skills added to the 4% from ablative. I'm not sure if I should up that to 17% for a total of 21% or about 18-20% or so. I agree with the previous poster that more testing is required. I'd rather go with average optimal values here, since if you're bothering to do the math, you probably are pretty good with your rotation.
You're the boss, boss
Without kidding, yes, I'm not bad at rotation. I might not be the best tank ever, but I try to click energyblast off cd when I tank something.

I was in the midst of adapting your shield for my own use. But since you are going to update it i'll wait.
The only problem I had is that I dont know how the internal resistance is being calculated.

Quote: Originally Posted by dipstik
set bonus: 2% resistance, 2% defense
resist buff: 10% internal resistance

Some testing I did:
Here is vid of me being wacked on by some mobs to see how long the cd lasted.

Log from an ops bossfight in which I averaged out on 10,67 seconds effective cd after removing the times I didnt had something to tank. I happy to get you some more details from parses.


Quote: Originally Posted by MGNMTTRN View Post
Looking at two recent HM SNV and HM TFB runs (ignoring ops chief, olok, and the horror; I should have ignored OP IX but I didn't), I saw heat blast uptimes between 47% on Dash'rode and 30% on operator IX. If I assume that my downtime was equally split between a state of +0 absorb, +1 absorb, +2 absorb, and +3 absorb, then I get values slightly lower than +17


So based upon my parses, I have to agree that +16 or 17% absorb from heat blast-related effects when tanking the boss is reasonable. But I still do think other Vanguards/Powertechs need to chime in to confirm that they are seeing similar results. If people don't want to open up a spreadsheet editor but do still want to check their logs, a general rule for calculating uptime is (6*eblast count)/(minutes*60 +sec) should be between 0.35 and 0.45; if not, then either playstyle or this 16/17% estimation needs refinement.
I quickly watched your Dashrood upload. If I remove 1 energyblast that took you 20 seconds to reapply then you are averaging out on 10,7 second.
Hereby I chime in with saying, yes energyblast is about 17% extra absorb with a bit of human error melded into it