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If it really bothers you... Grab a fistful of credits and hit the GTN.

You could quite easily, and very cheaply, outfit yourself in just about full blue 66s for a few hundred thousand credits.

The bigger thing here is..... Players who don't understand their gear.

When 2.0 hit, my healer was in full Dread Guard/Hazmat. I leveled to 55 on Makeb and in 50-54 Operations. When I hit 55, my gear didn't look TOO much different than it did at 50. Why? Well, the stat distribution on 66s (purple or blue) is pretty terrible and in MOST cases, Hazmat/Dread Guard is actually BETTER, even tho it might provide a little itty bit less Main Stat/Endurance.

My advice? If you want to be geared for Level 55 HM Flashpoints, you need to do a couple runs of Eternity Vault, Karraga's Palace and Explosive Conflict between 50 and 55. That will put you pretty much in full 61/63s... And if you can't make it through the HM 55 FPs in 61/63s... You don't really have any business going in there with 66s either.

(I actually make sure that I am also capped on warzone coms by the time I hit 55, so I can grab Partisan 2x Relics, 2x Implants and Ear at fresh 55...)
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