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About that shield/energyblast. Kitru is correct. The % of absorb should be around 17%.
However ..... you forgot about the 4% ablative armor skill. Total absorb rating gained by skills is 17%+4%= 21%

About the frequency of blasting:
I can tell you that in practise I blast about every 10 seconds (minimum is 9 seconds). But taking human error into account would be difficult. If thats the case then goodluck with shadow calcs. If you are out of your lazy mood you can always make a choice button about how fast the user normally clicks his/her blast.
The original guesstimation was 13% from the two skills added to the 4% from ablative. I'm not sure if I should up that to 17% for a total of 21% or about 18-20% or so. I agree with the previous poster that more testing is required. I'd rather go with average optimal values here, since if you're bothering to do the math, you probably are pretty good with your rotation.

Quote: Originally Posted by dipstik View Post
those values do affect the bis calc. taking into account the percent of damage that is at 90%$ accuracy affects the value of defense. resist chance changes the value of shield.

You've convinced me; I will be updating the spreadsheet to include these factors. Thanks for the extra work :P. Where do you're assumptions come from btw, extrapolated from parses?