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07.08.2013 , 12:57 PM | #1
With so many players joining the game, over the weekend I came across a poor level 17 soul who was still his original class and had no idea that he needed to visit the fleet to select his advance class.

He couldnt post on the forum because he was free to play. And once I rolled another toon, its not very clear where to go when you leave your starting planet. During the game, if you need to complete a quest or speak to someone, they all have a GREEN flash triangle instead of an empty yellow - which they have on the fleet. This needs to be changed.

Finally and importantly, without the free to play people, this game probably would have been over. So, they need to see for themselves that signing up to a sub or purchasing some things from the Cartel Market can help them on their journey and remain a customer.

We need to encourage more folk to sign up, so I believe that we need a free to play forum for those wanting to post questions and ask for help and of course look for a guild. Common Community Team, dont miss out on this opportunity to grow your subs base with a simple, small adjustment.