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Finally hit 50 on my Commando (first one) and decided to try to finish leveling my Sentinel with double XP weekends almost ending. I just had a Warzone XP Boost wear off so I decided to use a FP XP Boost and try to run a few FPs. After running missions on Belsavis for about 20 minutes I get a queue to pop. Maelstrom Prison, one of my favorite FPs.

Make is: Shadow Tank, Sage Healer and Guardian DPS.

Before the first pull I ask if we are doing bonuses (moar XP right!) Tank says "No!" So whatever.

First pull, I see the Tank leading off with FiB. Force-in-freaking-balance folks. That's right, our tank is in Balance spec. So I asked him, are you in Balance spec trying to tank? He says I'll be back in a minute. I'm thinking, oh good, he's gonna respec.

2nd pull, he leads off with FiB AGAIN! I'm like whatever, if healer has no issues with it and can heal him thru it, no problems. Except, it becomes obvious he can't because the tank is super squishy and dies a few times. I end up "tanking" on my Sentinel when the Shadow dies and actually pull a few mobs myself waiting for him to run back to us after re-spawning.

After his 4th or 5th death he does the right thing and leaves the group. I ask them to add us to queue and I pull out trusty T7 and we get through the first 2 Bosses of the FP with no issues at all. In fact, I think the healer found it easier to heal T7 than the Shadow. They even commented that he tanked better than the Shadow (I did just gear him for my 1st fight

Anyway, right before Kilran, Guardian quits and me and healer with our companions push our way thru the mobs and finally get a DPS and healer a few doors before Kilran. This tank, comes in and does his job. No issues, I'm not longer 'tanking' and the only death was healer who did not realize you have to run up the sides when facing Kilran.
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