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However ..... you forgot about the 4% ablative armor skill.
Actually, no, I didn't. I specifically referenced Energy Blast and Power Screen. The sum total of *those* two effects is 17%. I didn't mention the 4% passive whatsoever nor did the post the I quoted to actually provide the numbers I did. I actually didn't even look at the OP's spreadsheet (I don't really need to use one) and was simply referring to the 17% number that MGN was referring to (specifically, from Energy Blast and Power Screen) in *his* post (hence why I quoted *him* rather than the OP).

Basically, I wasn't referencing 17% as a total value but rather *only* as the sum of EB and PS (the variable uptime abilities). I even broke down the relevant contributions of the individual pieces so that it was *obvious* I wasn't including the passives.

I don't really get involved in the spreadsheeting of things. I've never check or used *any* of them since I'm perfectly capable of parsing all of the factors myself. If they need to know the contributions of specific mechanisms to put *into* their spreadsheets, I'm perfectly capable and willing to provide it (which is what I've always done), but I've got no interest (nor have I *ever*) of going through individual spreadsheets to validate every piece of information within them.
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