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The problem with this wife analogy is that you typically love your wife and intend to spend your whole life with.

This is absolutely not the case between Bioware and us.

We are not married, we are not etzernally sworn to each other. Heck, we are not even real friends. I will never get to know anyone of the Devs in person (unless any come to the GamesCon to Cologne this year), but even if I meet them there, the resulting relation will be nothing more than "barely knowing them" and a lot less than friends.

I will never give any kind of birthday gift to the devs. I am their customer !

We got something for free without any kind of obligation. And people are complaining about it. This is ungrateful, regardless of the nature of the gift.

The gift does have a value, you cannot possibly deny that fact. And for that value, you can either be thankful or shut up. This level of complaining is ridiculous.
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