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Glad to see there are quite a few of us Whovians!

I actually think shes a rather good character. I think its a bit of a shame that the who 'impossible girl' arc has overshadowed her introduction, hopefully from now on they can concentrate on her character. I certainly think she is better then some companions, such as Rose. Do you mean Series 7b? It has its critics, but there are some wonderful episodes, such as the epic The Name of the Doctor and the wonderfully gothic Hide.

Steven Moffat is a master of creating Doctor Who monsters. The Weeping Angel, The Silence, Gas Mask monsters, Vashta Nerada, all wonderful horror monsters.

When I was a kid, the only Doctor Who monster that really scared me was the Cybermen, specifically the Troughton era ones. They were like zombies, and what scared me most was the fact that they didn't kill you, they turn you in to one of them, a mindless killer. Its such a shame the new era Cybermen haven't concentrated on this feature (Although I think Neil Gaiman did a good job of reinventing them in Nightmare in Silver). I was also rather frightened of Light, from my favorite classic series story Ghost Light.
Steven Moffat used to be a colleague of my brother at work , I agree he has created some scary monsters , the silence you mention are quite frightening too.

Remember when they re-introduced the Dalek's , when they ran up some stairs and thought they where safe ? I used to play such Dalek games as a child and when I saw them fly up the stairs It broke all the rules of safely running away from them as a kid ( in my mind ).

My favourite companion has to be K-9 , so wish he would come back again.

Is everyone looking forward to the 50th anniversary episode ? Tenant and Piper are supposed to be in it .


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