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See tracking spreadsheet for 16 man Scum and Villainy Nightmare here:

Previous thread for tracking TFB here:

The usual information ...

NOTE: this thread is NOT for discussion purposes - this system will NOT be changed without VERY good reason. Please only post on this thread with your kills and PLEASE follow the correct format.

Please post all kill times here with the following format:
Guild name
Time of kill (use UTC)
Your server (only needed for first kill/post)
Your region (please post as US-East, US-West, or EU - only needed for first kill/post)
Kill shot pic/proof video (if you post a video, I need approx. kill time) use this link for time proof:
Proof of mode (you can do this through leader and right clicking mode) or capturing achievement announcement

Alternatively - you can also provide a picture of the achievement - however you need to do this after the kill in front of the corpse with your guild together and guild tag showing or I will not accept it (best to highlight corpse by clicking it).

Carnage Gaming (The Shadowlands - US East)
The Writhing Horror - 5/25/13 2:15:51 UTC
Link to kill shot picture with visible timer OR visible corpse with achievement and guild tag and multiple guild members

As always, kills must come in order for tracking purposes. I have no personal rule against skipping for gear and coming back, but kills will not count until you kill them in order (my guild does not skip at all). If someone does skip bosses to farm gear and you don't like it, complain in a different thread.

I can't enforce this, but please, keep congratulations to a minimum, it only clutters the thread.

Thanks and best of luck to everyone!