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Can't believe you're dragging your wife into forum discussion, but try getting her a gift card for the next bday/anni/holiday. Let me know how well that goes over. Fact remains, you guys dropped the ball on this one in a big way. You couldn't see our faces, but it was probably the same look your wife gave you. We told you this cartel market b.s. was making us angry. You hyped some big magical customer appreciation thing to win us back. Then you gave us the equivalent of $5 starbucks card. Just go ahead and say publicly that you guys would rather this game be 100% f2p/preferred, because that's how you're treating it.
So true.
I'm not shocked it revolved around the cartel market once again. After all, in the conference call it will look really well to say how much more movement happened in the market (although it was inflated due to spawned Coins).

What I am shocked about is he posted about his wife being so materialistic that even a thought out gift from her husband was received in displeasure. (Unless of course he bought a movie that was really for himself but gave it to her)

The whole thing just starts falling apart at that point.