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Alright, I don't have a problem with the 500 CC. If you look in my history you'll see I supported it in fact. But this post just changed my mind. If you whispered sweet nothings into your wife's ear for days about how you were going to appreciate her this weekend, and then wind up giving her a dvd she'd have every right to smack you. A more appropriate analogy would be giving her a 5 dollar coupon for a 40 dollar day spa.
Wait... wut? you know Bruce's wife?

I ask, because how can you possibly present an accurate analogy about the relationship between two people you never met and do not know??

OIC.. you were projecting stereotype.
Current use of smartphones and computers have already become such a part of who we are to which he sees them as an extension of everyday life that makes us “cyborgs. Further, AI is a serious potential risk to the future of humanity.
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