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[...]Just saying, if they wanted to show us they cared in this situation, they should have built us a terrible mount.[...]
And then people would have said "bahh, another mount, I already got 2 dozen of them, what do I need another one for? You could have at least made it faster than 110% and better looking" (note that "better looking" would have been said regardless of its appearance).
The exact same thing could be said about pets or any piece of clothing or dye.

So if you cannot please all, try please as many as you can... and that was definitely done with giving the players the option to buy, what they would like most.

And I am not saying, that you are wrong... You got a different opinion, which is fine. I am just not happy with this thread in total although the thread title is as fitting as hardly any other title on here... as indeed I do call the OP all that.
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