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Quote: Originally Posted by JPryde View Post
Try the following on your gf/bf/wife/husband then:
Hey honey, I know you were saving up for that expecive jewelry/tv/screen/car, but instead of helping you with that by adding on to the funds you already got, I bought you this nice pullover/dog(that you will take for a walk each day from now on!).
I surely do prefer the money.

Bioware had absolutely no chance to make a gift that the majority of players would be happy with. So giving us money to spend in any way we want, they at least did not give us a pullover or socks or a new tie.
What JPryde said.

Reminds me of one time when I told my wife I had a present for her, and she got all excited. When she saw it was just a movie DvD she couldn't hide her disappointment and said in disbelief 'THAT'S MY PRESENT?!' I would have been better off not announcing the present in advance, or just giving her a gift card with funds on it instead.
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