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Bioware had absolutely no chance to make a gift that the majority of players would be happy with.
This is the core issue right here. A half a million subscribers.. all with different interests, tastes, etc. No way to please them with any single selected gift. Evidence the whining and crying about every free gift or incentive item in the game since launch. Evidence the 500CCs right this instant.

But the CC coin approach IS an appreciation gift and it does give the most players the most freedom of choice as to what they would like to turn that appreciation into in terms of digital content.

And seriously folks... some of you act like any subscriber gift in this game = real life gifts. IT'S ALL DIGITAL CONTENT. You can't take it with you when you leave, and you can't use it to barter for Cheetos and donuts either. It's not real. You are melting down over virtual content. Can you get anymore petty?
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