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Try the following on your gf/bf/wife/husband then:
Hey honey, I know you were saving up for that expecive jewelry/tv/screen/car, but instead of helping you with that by adding on to the funds you already got, I bought you this nice pullover/dog(that you will take for a walk each day from now on!).
I surely do prefer the money.

Bioware had absolutely no chance to make a gift that the majority of players would be happy with. So giving us money to spend in any way we want, they at least did not give us a pullover or socks or a new tie.
And then imagine your gf/bf/wife/husband saying: "Thanks, but I already bought (enter whatever) last week". So I do not prefer money. Well, not even money, fake money that buys digital stuff that can be reproduced on demand. Just saying, if they wanted to show us they cared in this situation, they should have built us a terrible mount. At least then I would have given them credit for giving a present rather than a gift card.

And if you're happy with it, that's cool. I'm just pointing out that people should not be angry with other people who are not as thrilled that's all.
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