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<Ace> Asation 16 NiM 2/5

Dread Guard 7/07/2013 20:15:25 UTC ( 22:15:25 GMT+2 Paris)
I've added the kill - but I have to ask that you provide me a better proof shot than this. I personally trust you guys - but this picture doesn't really prove that you killed them.

You could have, for example, killed in HM, zoned out, switched to NiM, taken the picture. I think I see a corpse in the picture (of Kel'Sara) but I can't be certain (this would verify the picture). So if you could just get me an achievement snap, that would be sufficient.

Anyway, congratulations! We have gotten a bit closer, but if S+V comes out tomorrow (like originally planned) we will have to abandon TFB

edit: I wanted to add that I will no longer be adding people for TWH kills (exception is if a guild on here changed their name and had to rekill for progression ... )

I will continue tracking TFB for the guilds currently on the list for the next month or two.