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I totally agree, sure have double xp weekends for the ppl that want it but make it optional for the ppl that don't. Most of the time weekends is the only time I get to play and for the past 4 days I haven't been playing much because of the double xp! That's a whole weekend wasted of my game time. Now I have to wait until next weekend to enjoy the game I'm a sub so I SHOULD have the option to turn it off if I want.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but even tho every planetary quest is grey, doesn't that just mean that you can breeze thru the planet without a noticeable increase in xp & tackle the next planet at/near the correct level?

Me personally I really enjoyed dbl xp weekends (although my wife is glad they're over lol) I finally got my 1st character to 50 (only took me 6 months!), got my ship on a new toon, & got an alt off his starter planet. Eagerly looking forward to the next dbl xp weekend!
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