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I believe you'd fit the description of an ungrateful elitist. You got something for nothing and you have the gull to demand something else because what you got wasn't special or didn't set you apart from the free players.

Seems to be a growing trend on the forums as of late, I'm a subscriber! I should get something special that sets me apart from all the other snow flakes!

Which is ironic when you consider a subscriber might only provides $15 a month vs a free player who could easily double that in a week.

Lastly, "Game is becoming a cash shop." Well welcome to free to play. You all wanted it so here it is in all its glory.
First, it's not something for nothing. It's something because you have a subscription. It really costs BW nothing to just give you CC. They don't have to design anything, patch anything or make a new system. This is a half assed way to say thank you to subscribers who want more content.

Will I take it? Sure. But being a sub, and having money, if I want something I just buy it anyways. This doesn't really help out all that much as there is not a lot on the CM that I want to buy atm.

Sure, don't look a gift horse in the mouth, but you can't deny that it is kind of a crap way to show you care. I mean try it on your wife/husband/gf/bf. Hey honey, I know it's our anniversary, I got you a gift card to walmart because I know you do the grocery shopping there.

You may not like that people are kind of rejecting the 500CC. But you have to see it through our eyes and stop calling people names. It's rather annoying. Especially when we're talking about subjective crap that is different for everyone.
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