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Iím sure a lots of people have already said this, but here are my two cents as a casual PVP and PVE player:

When you say that this is a two way street then youíre looking at this in the wrong way. You want to compare PVP and PVE just on one simple fact that they are both gear progression driven. Well, there are at least one other thing you should consider. PVE is really an even leveled playfield. If you go SM, you get SM level mobs, if you go HM, you get HM level mobs and so on. If you know your gear and skill level, then you can go on and progress without banging your head on a wall.

The same cannot be said of Warzones. There are no categories for no pvp gear, semi-pvp gear and full pvp gear WZs. So youíll be in games where peeps are on different gear level. Without bolster (or recruitment PVP gear), youíd only get your behind handed to you on a silver plate (based only on gear, not skill of the player), if youíre not wearing PVP armor.

If you compare that to PVE, it's like if youíd go into a SM FP or OPS, but some of the mobs are HM or NiM level. You cannot kill them ofc, and youíll just die several times before the game says: here are your comms for trying, better luck next time.
Just like itís the same, when it comes to the well equipped players. Doing a HM55FP in 69 gear is a faceroll and boring the same way as killing a 0-expertise bloke, when youíre in full Conqueror.

I can only see a few solutions here. (And none of them is break PVE, just because PVP got broken.)
  • One is the recruitment PVP gear, but it seems that wasnít good enough.
  • Second option is no expertise, no gear lvl difference between PVP and PVE. Which apparently didnít turned out to be the solution either.
  • Third is no gear difference in PVP matches what so ever. Which I would hate on so many levels, but it certainly makes an even leveled playfield. Just without the carrot.
  • The forth is the bolster system. Which is in fact an enforced recruitment PVP gear. Problem here was the implementation. What I would do now with this system, is that Iíd still implement recruitment PVP gear for all classes and all of their roles, just like pre-2.0, but only in stats. So when you enter a WZ and you have an item that you donít have expertise on, that gearís stats would be changed to the closest one of your advanced class recruitment gear. PVP gear would be still better, but you wonít be facerolled only based solely on your gear. (Good PVPers would still farm you if you suck, but thatís the nature of the beast).