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07.08.2013 , 07:42 AM | #1
I wish there was an official calendar of events. Somewhere on the website and easily accessible.
Since there is not, I decided to create my own.
This calendar only has dates given and only for game wide events (no community server events will be added).
I am on the forums fairly often so if they announce some sort of change I should be able to update it easily.

I have the calendar in 2 formats. Instructions on how to subscribe to them are below

If you use google calendar to manage all of calendars across multiple devices, use the following.
1. Open the link in a new tab
2. In the bottom right click "+ google calendar"
3. Follow the instructions

If you do not use google calendar, use this option (this will work with most applications, for a full list see
1. Open the link on the device you would like to subscribe on (if you are using a website like 30 boxes there should be an "add by url" option)
2. In the application, you should get several options. You can choose to remove alerts (all will have an alert of 1 day before) and what is refreshes at (i would recommend an hour or less)

I have made an automated twitter account for this calendar.
Currently there will be a tweet 15 minutes before the event with the Title, Start, End, and a link to the google calendar event.
I may also add tweets for 24 hours and 1 week before.

If there are any other formats you would like made, I should be able to easily make more formats.
Depending on what you are using, you should be able to click either link above and subscribe to the calendar. This way if I make any changes you will be updated.
Depending on your device you may get an alert.

Edit: I have cleaned up the post to be more clear with instructions.