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I've only ever had one truly terrible experience with a PUG.

I was a Scoundrel Healer and the group finder set me up with the Athiss flashpoint.

The "Tank" was a Shadow. I say "Tank" as although he was queued as a Tank he was neither geared or behaving like one. Issues were as follows:

1. He was in a mix up cunning and strength gear
2. He was using a single saber (Strength based)
3. He stood for up to 2 minutes in front of a mob before finally pulling
4. When he did engage he just used the basic melee attacks then ran off leaving the DPS and me to deal with them

I asked him nicely if he knew the mechanics of the game i.e. Trinity system and if he had meant to queue as a Tank. There was no response for about a minute when he came back with, and I kid not:

"LOL I'm a jedi, not sure what game you think you're in..........DUH.....what tanks be Star WarsLOL"

I laughed so hard I actually cried.
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...managing to kill Ortol with a nut-kick was strangely satisfying.