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we're talking probably 5-10 adrenals per operation, 1-2 stims, 4-6 medpacks - that's a lot of cash.
We are not hardcore raiding guild, and not perfect on tactics as we have a pool of maybe 12 people who interchange in HM ops and we need a little extra boost so made it a habit to actually use adrenals for DPS on cooldown... Pricey, but it helps. I'm main tanking in HM's and if we are short on DPS I hit my attack adrenal on my tank on cooldown as well. I used to be able to sell a lot of stims on gtn, but now I have a DPS ALT who's armstech and he consumes a lot of my stim production
I just made a new character who will be cybertech - will test granades more. They sure helped us in EC HM Kephess back before expansion.