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This is still on course for tomorrow gents or have Bioware mentioned any delays yet?
As far as I know Bioware hasn't mentioned anything at all about tomorrow.

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The OP has been updated to reflect the removal of the feature allowing guilds to skip bosses. Please reread the section detailing the changes.
Good to hear, while I personally don't really care about the ranking I find it a little arrogant to proclaim world first kills that are obtained by taking short cuts.

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I agree. Thank you for saying it though, since if it comes from anyone from our guild we would just get called "elitests","tryhards", and "e-peen strokers" (though I cant stroke what I can't find).
24 hours! I for one have stocked up on lubricant and kleenex for improved and prolonged stroking, so it can come.*
You still seem to have plenty time to find a possible substitution till then ... got no specific ideas on how to resolve this problem, at least none that will draw attentions of the moderator staff.

* 'it' of course is the patch!
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Just remember that combat logs only state mathamatical facts. They are not rude or arrogant.