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07.08.2013 , 06:24 AM | #3
I'm actually moving all of my ops-running characters to biochem - it's just too useful to have for everybody. It's kind of disgusting, really. Reusable (better-than-buyable) medpacks, reusable stims, reusable adrenals - for a tank, I have my absorb adrenal available as a quickbar selection, for my sentinel, I have my attack adrenal right next to my relic so they can be activated at the same time, etc.

It honestly feels like the only viable progress/operations profession, which kind of sucks. If you have another biochem and can make your own blues for other chars, not *everybody* has to be biochem, but as said above me, if you're keeping yourself stocked - we're talking probably 5-10 adrenals per operation, 1-2 stims, 4-6 medpacks - that's a lot of cash.