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Hi Oda,

If i well understand, u use the old set bonus (1.7 DG 4pc Eliminator set bonus) but in this cas how do you get so much aim (3378) ?

No offense, i just want to know
I myself have surpassed 3400 Aim - there are Implants and Mods where Aim varies greatly.
Especially Mods ... for the 72 version you choose between 57 Power or 32 Power and the primary stat changes accordingly.
With Q33 always being better than the Q31 ones you use any low power/high aim Mod that you find, even though the alternative would be slightly better if it were Q33 as well.
These differences are further exaggerated by the Inquisitor buff and your +9% Aim talent.
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Just remember that combat logs only state mathamatical facts. They are not rude or arrogant.