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Your comment about the game abandoning lore/cosmetic in order to balance classes is somehow wrong, those comsetics are the defining of each class, I'm not sure a maraudeur would be okay if he saw a one saber class like the juggernaut outdpsing him. Cosmetics, and when I say cosmetics I say the "reason why these classes exist" in this game are still pretty important, unless, of course, you want to turn SWTOR into a korean mmorpg, then I would agree with you, the hell with the lore.
your argument does not hold at all:

merc do as much dps as commando.

merc use 2 pistols, commando use an assault canon yet they do the same amount of damage.

oh and a VG uses a rifle while a PT uses a single pistol, Operative uses a knife/rifle while scoundrel a pistol/shotgun and so on..I am sure some expert in weaponry will be able to explain the difference between these set up yet in term of gameplay they are identical.

moreover, lose the aggressiveness, it doesn't make you right.

have a good day.
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