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Gunslinger asking me, another gunslinger, why am I needing on cunning items.
Epic !

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This is not so much of someone who doesnt know how to play but someone who has no sense of humor. So the other day I was in Hammerstation Hm after the boss fight right after the bonus boss fight. On the item roll was a blaster pistol and I made a joke about ninja looting. I said something "what a nice blaster pistol that I cant even use since im a sniper, I think I'll need it" I passed on it. and the three others who were all sith kicked me. When I said it was a joke they were like we dont care.
So not only are there people who dont know how to play there are also people who take this game to seriously and hace no sense of humor
Funny, they didn't even noticed that you passed on it ?

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Sorc? What is that short for? Sorcerer? How could a Sorcerer be playing in a Republic group?
Possibly meant the mirror class ?

Everyone's writing imperial names here (mostly), and they don't care whether actually the Republic mirror class is meant. I see this behaviour very often. They use imperial names and define them as a kind of "default name" for BOTH the imperial class AND the republic class.

I often see this in the German-language sister-thread of this one here as well.

I'm rather disturbed by the fact that no-one here bothered to answer your question.
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