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reminded me of one funny situation. it was republic D7, was on my scoundrel healer, big droid boss with consoles and 2 repair droids who spawn. I said 'I will cc right' - tank said 'why cc, just kill', I replied 'well, cc is faster and they dissapear on re-spawn'
long story short, we destroy consoles, droid spawns I cc my right, tank shadow pulls him and leave him to repair console while dps are strugling to kill other one... droid repaired console and tank said in /p 'I though u cc'd it'
I loled , another spawn I cc, shadow pulls...
this goes on...
on last boss, tank and dps are ignoring small turrets and cores, my poor healer had to kill those...

as it was guys from same guild, I knew if I say anything I would get a kick, so stayed silent.
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