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07.08.2013 , 04:26 AM | #15
On 50HM flashpoints, I'm asking if they want to do the bonus on the way. About half of the players answering, including myself, can satisfy any. Maybe half of the rest prefer a speed run and other half want to kill the bosses.
When playing a tank who doesn't need most the drops, I seldom had an issue finding a consensus. Sometimes it's hard to guess what the people really want when none answers.

On other cases, the few issues I met came from impatient rushers. They're often not answering the question about the run or don't care what the other want and start running away. Then they complain for various reasons, making the run unpleasant.

On 55 HM, I'm often surprised that low geared players are able to defeat the bonus boss, even if my tank die first because of the enrage timer. It's always good to try; players get commendations just by enable it and they gain experience for the next time ever if it failed.

The only issue I've in mind is a contemptuous over-geared player telling the others they had no chance to defeat the bonus and refusing to try, forcing her opinion by rushing to the next boss. On the next run of that flashpoint however, with lesser geared players we defeated that boss, showing the problem was that player and not the others.