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Well, people have right to want to do bonus... BOI is bad example, you can do it 3 ways:
1. skipp all you can - 12 minute run
2.kill bosses on the way (those 4 skippable ones where one is pain in da bum if dps are acting stupid - leaping to shielded guy leaving healer with 4 ads on him just to get stunned in 5 seconds) bonus boss - 60 minute run.

if my tank out dps DDs I'll rather quit,ignore and relog then do full run... I get it, people want gear to drop (even if they are capped with planetary comms, they refuse to get rakata grade gear which would improve their performance.. but no.. 'it can drop, why spend coms DUH!!!')
reasons to do bonus boss:
1.expierience... if you want expierience, go makeb. it's faster and you get better loot.
2.loot - loot is crap, go get some gear for comms or makeb. - want fun? get friends or do story mode.

if 3 people are under 16k HP, don't even go bonuss boss in Kaon...
wiping 5 times on LR5 LI HM, 4 times on SAV-Rak and you want to do bonus boss? really?
I could go on, but I think I made my point.

some bonusses are nice and on a way (Black talon, tharal V) but considering it's quite often people don't even follow kill order... you just want to finish run and forget you ever met them.

L55hm - these bonuss bosses drop nice. unless group is totaly incompetent, I rarely see skipping it. think only once we skipped bonus boss (wich was odd, as we run past console, I stopped 'hey, let's do bonus' but every one ignored me and just kept on running...but you don't see me making threads about it) and second time our healer was kinda weak and DDs could not meet enrage timer (at 30% lol), so we hat to give up.

edit: remember to consider what I call 'replacement ETA'
when it comes to voting, tank has 3 points (unless lausy tank then it's 1 vote), healer have 2 votes (unless crappy healer - then one vote - but if healer is weak, his gear is voting against doing more difficult bonus), and dps is 1 vote (unless crappy dps - then 0 vote - remember, DPS are fast to replace, if u suck as dps and don't like what group decided on doing/not doing, you won't be missed)
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