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yesterday I was healing on my commando for the first time in Hammer station, I've done this flashpoint dozens of times and this is not the first healer I've played, but I've never played commando before. I get into a flashpoint and all goes well, mostly, one of the dps's is killing everything in sight, I heal, tank does a great job tanking and the other dps is doing his job. they get fed up when he refuses to come to the first boss and is saying "kill everything" and "double exp, kill everything!" they kick him (he calls us girls), we get a replacement and all goes well.

I que again for hammer sation, him again, I think, ok, sure, why not, we wipe on the third trash mob, tank leaves, before we get a replacement the bad dps pulls again, we wipe, finaly a replacement tank.... the dps pulls early, we wipe. by now I'm fed up and I type in chat: "Sorry, not doing this, I draw the line at 3 deaths" this being a lowbie flashpoint where I've hardly ever wiped, the dps calls me a ****** and a **** healer just before I leave the group I whisper to him "Your comment is not appreciated, you will be ignored'' and ignore him

seeing that it's double exp, I reque, get hammer station, and I promptly say in chat "I Sincerely hope this group is better that my last one"... it most certainly was, despite not being able to do the shortcut, it was one of the better pug's I've played with. At the end of the FP I hesitantly ask: "I'm not a **** healer, am I?" I'm not that confident in my ability's and get the reply "you were an excellent healer", satisfied that I did my job well I wish everyone good hunting and leave the group.

[I have only 2 ppl on my ignore list at most, but I made sure to put that bad dps on the ignore list of all my (11) characters (it is not something I do lightly, or often)]
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