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07.08.2013 , 03:39 AM | #13
Yes, communication is key, ask the group what they want to do, bonus or not, etc. Majority vote should count here.

I don't understand why people would skip bosses that are in the path anyway, this is especially an issue with Battle of Illum.

If everybody is 55 and and doesn't need gear from there (i.e. all 146s and up) then yes skip (I wonder why you are doing a 50HM then in the first place?).
Otherwise you should not deprive 50-54s and fresh 55s of their chance to get some gear, they may have waited long for the FP to pop and probably want to do every boss for a chance to get gear. It is just selfish to run past everything then...

And 55HMs are only worth doing if you also do the bonus boss IMHO. Bonus boss and end boss are the only ones dropping good gear. (plus the very few comms you get from every boss)