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Quote: Originally Posted by Ayelinna View Post
So you agree with me that the majority of these people in this thread are breaking the rules?

I'm glad someone sees this as well.
Ayelinna, you are not beyond breaking the very rules you contend to cherish and enforce. The evidence is the multiple quotes that you have posted that have been removed, including a few i called you on when you had, in fact broke the rules.

Your not helping the validity of your posts or your reputation by behaving in this manner. Grant it I also see you getting attacked quite a bit, and that puts you on the offensive of course.

I've been there myself.

But you have, in fact, tried to dictate how others should play, have called players "stupid" or "lazy", directly insulted those that use the market or like it, etc.

Naturally most of the proof can't be provided because the posts were removed. But I quoted at least two of your posts that were direct violations of the rules.

You can defend yourself. But you should make sure you remain within the forum rules when you do so.

To your OP, I do think it is a good idea to throw something other than coins at the subs, some kind of unique item, recognition or title. I don't see any harm in granting a thank you recognition item to subs considering some of the things that have been added to the CM lately.

Just my opinion of course.