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had a group of 2 sins (tank and dps), my dps (yea, I swapped back to dps) merc and sorc healer.
think their religion was to use overload when ever I placed my aoe Death from above... when ever fight stared, when they did not start with overload I placed my DFAB... and then they scattered mobs all around. it was foundry SM.

1 guy was spamming 'space please, hit space bar, skip convo pliz' (healer)
2nd guy was going 'let's do this quick, I have not much time' (tank)
but none of them really held fast pace..

on cademinu our tank didn't notice big droid heading his way and go sapped (3 times total - he got sapped, droid goes for healer or me, he taunts, leaps, gets sapped, repeat), second dps started fight on place where cage spawns (in his defense, he could not know it, and I didn't tell him just for siths and giggles).
long story short, I found out that if you kill a guy on that encounter, droid dies

last but not least, had horrible expierience with Maelstorm prison on my shadow dps, was grouped with sentinel and vanguard tank. guys had religion not to stop. as soon as we finish pack, didn't even stop to pick up drops, they would jump to next pack ASAP (and sometimes different directions) which made it hard for non jumping, needing stealth to regen force and stuff shadow, nto to mention to the poor sage healer who had to keep those 2 alive.. but it went smooth more or less. atleast I didn't die... ofc sentinel refused to attack weak mobs, probably he's pro rotation was far to pro for standard and weak mobs, but that didn't bother me much, as I could go thro standard mobs with 3 hits before they turn back on me and then I had finisher... so didn't take much damage.

as for pvp equivilant of this thread, well... here we too complain about muppets, so it would be pretty much same complaining or making fun of people who don't know what to do....
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