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A Blaster Pistol does the same damage as a Blaster Rifle. A Double-bladed lightsaber hits harder than a standard Lightsaber even though it's just an extra identical blade on the other end. A Scattergun deals the same damage as a Vibroknife.

The entire game exists as an abstraction to create a balanced construct within the confines of the game. Within the lore of TOR, an Jedi should be able to pretty much ignore anyone with a blaster because they could just reflect the shots forever. It would also only take a single hit with a saber to take out anyone. The game is forced to abandon these lore/cosmetic constructs in order to create a *balanced game*. Hell, there's no particularly good *lore* based reason why a Jedi shouldn't be able to pick up a Blaster or a Vanguard shouldn't be able to use an Assault Cannon. Those restrictions exist as game constructs.

Because we're dealing with a *game* not an attempt to approximate the real world, there's no reason why Commandos should naturally deal more damage than Vanguards nor is there any reason why *any* class should *naturally* have more functionality in their desired role than any other class (especially since the devs explicitly decided that there isn't supposed to be a hybrid tax). All that's required to have the Assault Cannon "make sense" as the more damaging weapon is for it to have a higher base damage (which is does). Beyond that, it's actually appropriate for the two classes to actually match their DPS because we're in a game and a game is supposed to support balanced classes to allow class choice to exist between equally viable options. The only difference between the damage dealing capabilities of a VG and a Commando is that a VG is supposed to DPS in melee/short range whereas a Commando is supposed to DPS at long range. The *playstyle* can differ (and it *should*), but damage should remain the same or, at least, the closest feasible approximation.
When you go and pick your Merc AC, the npcs hints you that the merc class is supposed to be the biggest dps between the 2 classes.

Your comment about the game abandoning lore/cosmetic in order to balance classes is somehow wrong, those comsetics are the defining of each class, I'm not sure a maraudeur would be okay if he saw a one saber class like the juggernaut outdpsing him. Cosmetics, and when I say cosmetics I say the "reason why these classes exist" in this game are still pretty important, unless, of course, you want to turn SWTOR into a korean mmorpg, then I would agree with you, the hell with the lore.

Still stand my position, PT pyro's can QQ all they want, I hope BW will never give them back their 3 buttons rolfstomp win. And not so long ago one of my guild buddy restarted playing his Pyro PT on WZs and was still doing awesome, so yeah, screw the crybabies.

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Take note that he didn't respond to Kitru's thought-out response, only to insults. So yeah, troll. Don't feed him.
You just did, and now you got owned, *****.