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30% crit.... you lucky..... and I'm seeing you switched out damage proc for power proc, you finding that switch is improving your overall dps? Also, 331 crit rating???
Well, it's tough to tell the overall increase/decrease between relics cuz of the haywire RNG factor for mercs, but I do believe it's a better relic than the damage proc, especially for dummies and encounters that allow for high APMs.

And yeah the crit...unfortunately there's not much I can really do about it until NiM SV. The boots and helm that drop off TFB are all crit pieces, and I happened to get a shadowed Earpiece that was all crit and a shadowed OH that had crit. And since I got the shadowed OH it put me last in line for the KD OH since I won't benefit from the barrel, that's really the only piece other than belt (or bracers?) from TFB where I could pick up some power. When I weighed out the 72 power pieces and the 75/shadowed crit pieces, I figure the 75 crit pieces to be a slight gain over the 72 power pieces so it is what it is right now. I think the sweet spot once filled out in 75s will be in the low 200s for crit so I won't need any more of that now lol.