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I'm the tank (Vanguard), sorc and sent as dps, commando heals. We say our hellos, and off we go to the door. I notice I'm the only one buffed, so I hit my buff. This was my first hint.

First batch by the door is of course a couple of strong mobs, some weak trash and the one square boss patrol droid. I mark it, start to type for it to get cc'd...and the sent goes hurtling across the area to attack it. I quickly understand he's one of those most horrible of pug players: the tank reincarnated as a dps but can't accept his new station in life. We eventually kill the first batch. He charges ever onward. I noticed that I wasn't getting much in the way of heals during the fight, and I see our healer still has plasma canister on. I'm halfway through telling him to turn it off, but Mr. Sent has discovered the next batch of trash mobs and gone plowing in. As I watch his health bar shrink to nothing, I ask him if he knows I'm the tank. No reply. He respawns, goes sailing across the area to another square boss droid. Sorc knocks it off the ledge. Sent leaps over after it. After we're done laughing, I finally get the healer's attention and get him to turn off plasma cell. After more persuasion, he turns on crew support cell. Next bunch of mobs. Sent of course leaps into the fray far ahead of me. I'm getting really sick of pulling things off him by now, so I attack something else and let him die again. I also notice that the quantity of heals isn't increasing, and I'm running low on medpacs by now. After taking a deep breath, I explain that in commando/merc heals, you alternate the heat-building major heals with the basic attack heat-dropping minor heals. Next batch of mobs which the sent thoughtfully pulls from across the room: commando's only using basic attack heals. We're still dying. I'm still asking the sent why he didn't queue as a tank and why he's pulling every batch of trash mobs. He responds something to the effect of: "For the exp!! Duuhhh!!!!"

Bye. I leave the group.

Five times in the re-queue, his name comes up. Not happening.

Finally get a different group. I'm allowed to tank, the healer knows how to heal, and the dps attack the things I attack. I've never finished Cadminu faster than with that second group.
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