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Everyone that says that HK was "good," I have another take. I'd rather pay cartel coins rather than spend 6 hrs. simply digging.

I can explain achievements for PVE and PVP to my wife. She understands that. What she cannot fathom is simulated ditch digging.

Sure, buying something for CC's isn't an in-game achievement. But, darn it if "beating" RNG is not much of an achievement either.
Would it be considered RNG since it's placed on the map and you then have to look for it? Wouldn't RNG be more of staying in one spot and non-stop clicking until it appears?

Not that I found it to be the most exciting thing to do in game, and I wish there was a non-group related way to get the parts. Not that I haven't been willing to team, but I never seem to beable to get my guild to run the ones needed. :/
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