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You can disregard this one since it hasn't been updated yet, got a new high....this one came outta left field after several hours of parsing with nothing better to do on a Sunday afternoon

Pizza'dah'hutt: Mercenary Arsenal 6/36/4 3113 DPS
*Prototype Stim, Reusable Adrenals

Gear (copy/pasted from my arsenal thread)
72 MH, 75 OH
KD Relic of Serendipitous Assault & UW Relic of Boundless Ages
75 mods/enhances: 2 Nimble Mods, 1 Battle Enhancement, 1 Acute Enhancement
1.7 Dread Guard 4pc Eliminator Set Bonus

Aim= 3378
Acc= 402 (99.60% / 109.60% Tech)
Power= 1078
Crit= 331 (28.81% / 29.33% Tech)
Surge= 409 (71.46%)
30% crit.... you lucky..... and I'm seeing you switched out damage proc for power proc, you finding that switch is improving your overall dps? Also, 331 crit rating???