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as i said before, a video game achievement isnt a significant or really meaningful as it is doable by a child (and yes a child could learn to do NiM raids and ranked pvp if played long enough)

but i see im we are at an impasse, nothing we can say to each other will alter our opinion on what is indeed a real achievement (or what society at large deems)

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Hitting level 40 would be a test in patience, would it not? Not something children are known for.

I don't think we disagree on what's a better achievement. I just see a difference between a real life achievement and an ingame achievement.

In fact, in game there are things called "achievements" By your logic, they're not achievements, as a child can do them.

And like I said earlier, I have no problem with Tweek being a CM item as well as earned in game. Neither do I see a problem being a strictly Legacy Level 40 item that can be unlocked with credits or CC.

I'm sure those who are against it being a CM item, have no problem with it being a Legacy Level 40 item that needs credits or CC to unlock it.
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