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By all means, go ahead, can't wait to roll a class with a toothpick weapon that can do more damage more than a warhammer.
A Blaster Pistol does the same damage as a Blaster Rifle. A Double-bladed lightsaber hits harder than a standard Lightsaber even though it's just an extra identical blade on the other end. A Scattergun deals the same damage as a Vibroknife.

The entire game exists as an abstraction to create a balanced construct within the confines of the game. Within the lore of TOR, an Jedi should be able to pretty much ignore anyone with a blaster because they could just reflect the shots forever. It would also only take a single hit with a saber to take out anyone. The game is forced to abandon these lore/cosmetic constructs in order to create a *balanced game*. Hell, there's no particularly good *lore* based reason why a Jedi shouldn't be able to pick up a Blaster or a Vanguard shouldn't be able to use an Assault Cannon. Those restrictions exist as game constructs.

Because we're dealing with a *game* not an attempt to approximate the real world, there's no reason why Commandos should naturally deal more damage than Vanguards nor is there any reason why *any* class should *naturally* have more functionality in their desired role than any other class (especially since the devs explicitly decided that there isn't supposed to be a hybrid tax). All that's required to have the Assault Cannon "make sense" as the more damaging weapon is for it to have a higher base damage (which is does). Beyond that, it's actually appropriate for the two classes to actually match their DPS because we're in a game and a game is supposed to support balanced classes to allow class choice to exist between equally viable options. The only difference between the damage dealing capabilities of a VG and a Commando is that a VG is supposed to DPS in melee/short range whereas a Commando is supposed to DPS at long range. The *playstyle* can differ (and it *should*), but damage should remain the same or, at least, the closest feasible approximation.
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