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Now that i have him, and any other brazil force member on ignore, i will chill out.
it's a joker guild eh ? On TOFN there is a guild imperial side , the wolf pack , who got some serious pro too.

Either :
- the tank that tunnel a big droid on the false emperor HM and let me (op healer that time) tank the rest of the pack

- A dps on boarding party who wanted the big chest downside near a shuttle , instead of walking down , he jumps down fail miserably , almost die from the fall and got roflstomped by the mobs down there , drawing aggro for us to enjoy. He could be good at pvp though , since he sacrificed himself all the times for objectives. He wanted to call reinforcement at any price , so he ran , leroy jenkins like through pack of mobs to activate one at the first sight of a comm tower .

- On directive 7 HM one inquisitor (sorcerer) with 11k hp drawing aggro from every non essential packs of mob , dies as often as possible , saber strike a shieled droid at the first fight vs mentor and of course stays in the red/greens circles in the last fight , get two shot and blame me (healer) for it . The guy was spec madness and used all saber attacks available and almost nothing else. (maybe a lightning or two in the run)

- And as our last guest i can think of , an assassin in d7 hm too , who kept attacking a shielded droid , get thrown away come back , rise and repeat all the fight. He was actually swapping target though... he made sure he wasn't attacking the same droid as us
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