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07.07.2013 , 01:54 PM | #488
Just had my first real Brazil Force encounter. Lowby Hammer Station, my guildy healer and my tank self queue and get a Brazil Force sage healer. Eh, not the greatest way to start a FP, but we see how it goes. Within a few minutes its pretty obvious that this guy is not healing. He force armors himself and not me, and doesnt throw any heals my way on trash pulls. My guildy is saving my butt on the first few pulls and decides to tell the Brazilian not to worry about healing anymore. Got it, lets roll.

On the next couple of pulls the sage annoys me be running in and force waving mobs all over the place immediately after i have them grouped on me. Its almost as if he doesnt realize that im the one theyre SUPPOSED to hit. I tell him not to, he complies. Awesome, lets keep going.

On the next few pulls and bosses he busts out his sick lightsaber skills, gets in melee range and starts whacking away. My guildy and i were laughing in vent, but since the other three were carrying this dude and we werent wiping, we decided to let it go and enjoy the comedy show. On to the last boss...

It is clear that our melee dps/heal sage does not know mechanics. Hits the boss when turrets are up (still using saber strike) so we dont down the turrets in time and boss aggros multiple sets of turrets. Luckily we overcome thid and survive. Finally, we down the boss and dont have to deal with this guys ineptitude...

Just kidding. Theres more. A strength lightsaber drops and i rejoice, as i am the only knight in the group and am celebrating the upgrade in stats thats about to come my way until... The dude needs on the saber and wins it. Not only that, but when i asked him why he needed on it and to give it to me, he said "lol chill out.".

Now that i have him, and any other brazil force member on ignore, i will chill out.