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It wasn't going too terribly until we got to the droid.

Typically, this is a two tank fight,
This reminded me of KP SM I ran on my VG tank during leveling, at 54. Got random group, happened to get leader, so hey, might as well lead it, why not. Explained tactic etc, everything ran mostly fine. Was bit afraid about other tank, as he was bit slow on grasping mechanics(took 3 waves of adds on Foreman before he started grabbing them, allowed Jarg to run free during probes) and some DPS that didn't know fights, but it was decent group, listened to leader without complaint, and that almost made me look like clueless idiot :P
We get to droid, I recall all those times I ran it before (as DPS), how we always had second tank on puzzle on this fight and healer on middle puzzle throwing heals on DPS in middle and puzzle boys. One hiccup I forgot, we always ran it with Shadow tank, that one class that unlike VG doesn't rely so much on armor, so I entirely forgot about armor debuff.
Then we had 2 healers, scoundrel around 50-51, and commando around 53-54. I recall that commando is supposedly best at MT healing, so yeah, commando downstairs healing me, scoundrel upside helping with puzzle and offheals. We picked our puzzle solvers(dps that went there was as good at this as you get them, so quite good), trained for 5 or 10 min(got really perfect sync), and let's go.
Before pulling I noticed I mixed up names, and instead sent commando to top and scoundrel downstairs, but since they synced so well I didn't want to change that. Ok, we pull, some people die in fire, standard stuff. Armor debuffs stack on, healer starts to have problems. Fine, one day I (almost)tanked it on sentinel cycling cooldowns, so I start doing same thing, except VG doesn't have that many CD to cycle trough. Somehow got CD back up each time healer ran into trouble. Somehow healer managed to pull trough each time I was out of CD. Whole fight, I was stressing about how I messed up with my choice of puzzle doers and how should I admit it to group after we wipe because of my mistake, and how we will have to spend another 5-10 min on training. But somehow, we managed to kill it on first try, so my relief was so great that I didn't get even little bit mad when we managed to nearly wipe on next 2 rooms twice due to early pull.
That was your standard GF group, with good, average, and below average players, but we still managed to oneshot everything and had good run, and only really weird thing about it was how well it worked for group matched by finder. Or someone could put me as weirld leader for my choices on droid, but as we pulled trough I hoped noone noticed(aside from healer :P )

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There are multiple different marks.
Clearly most people you know have a different consensus than most of the community.
The fact that this use is unknown to you, doesn't mean it is not used that way
There is a bolt for example which I always use when there is only one mob to cc and a crosshair I use for the primary target..
Mostly it's target for "target this", fire for "burn this down", and gun for CC by tech classes, saber for CC by force classes(lightning extra for sorcs), with other up for grabs and mostly meaning CC rather than anything else. And usually using one of marks by default means that your character will CC this one, as people know "I did not mark this, nobody said anything about it, so clearly someone marked his CC target". But this can also lead to confusion when people assume too much and tank won't give time to make things clear.