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So,, not in group finder, but just from a random dude pugging a group for scum and villaniny on the fleet. He had a full group, cept was missing one tank. I whispered him to ask if the group had some form of voice communication for tank swaps, etc, and if anyone in the group had done it b4. No reply for 5 minutes. As I was abut to forget about it, I get this whisper, "I don't like voice chat cause this game is too easy to need it" This immediately turned me off, but I decied to reply that I wuld be happy to off tank as long as the group was had some other experienced players in it. Again, looong silence, followed up with,, "Don't tell me what to do, Ive tanked NIM, thank-you very much"

This greatly intrigued me since nightmare mode has not been released yet. Deciding that I had to know what a great player this must be, I inspected is achievements. Scrolled down to operations,, ,,,,,,,,,O% completion on any. On proceeding to point this politely out to him, "Um, according to your acheivements, you havnt done any operations at all" , I received this reply.

"You know what, you need a real attitude adjustment punk, I did those ops on my alts" Upon me ((whilst now laughing uncontrollably)) pointing out the fact that the achievements are for your entire legacy, I received no reply. Whispering him 15 minutes later to see if hed found a tank yet, I got this response, "This player is ignoring you", LOL

((Was also in lev 45 greens at 55))
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