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I am completely against skipping for points.
Same here.

Its perfectly logical to be against it for various reasons. The main one being... with Biowares track record, we really don't know which bosses will be freebies and which bosses won't. Lets say Dashroode is a complete nightmare but the 2nd and 3rd bosses are a joke. Some guild QQs and claims Dashroode is impossible and skips it, thus getting the 2nd and 3rd boss killed almost instantly. Now they have compiled points that other guilds won't be getting for some time as they will be working on Dashroode. In order to keep up, they will be almost forced to skip it just to get the points they are missing out on.

The linear clear bonus in the 8man thread is hardly a bonus. The example I just listed would make the linear clear bonus almost non-existent. The Linear Clear Bonus is just a way for the guilds, who actually view progression as progression, a way to keep up. That should NOT be the way it works. The Linear Clear Bonus should be an incentive to keep all guilds going in order.

My vote is for 16man guilds to keep clearing linearly. Honestly? All the 16man guilds will probably do it anyways as we are all pretty tight knit when it comes to rules and competition. We all seem to be on pretty good terms so I'm sure the consensus will be for linear clears only.
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